Real Solutions for Blended and Online Instruction for Music Educators Webinar

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  • 00:00 Introduction to online rehearsal
  • 09:00 Demo with Soundhouse Studio Pro Producers
  • 11:00 Musician Testimonials
  • 13:00 Online Rehearsals presented by Gordon Goodwin
  • 19:00 Rehearsal Apps for Choirs presented by Tim Sharp
  • 26:00 Rehearsing in Multiple Rooms Connected by Live Audio and Video for Socially Distanced Rehearsal
  • 29:00 Solutions for Starting Beginning Band presented by Peter Boonshaft, Bob Phillips and David Fullmer
  • 39:00 Creating Performance Videos presented by Vance Larson 
  • 46:00 Live Streaming Events presented by Andrew Surmani
  • 50:00 Creatively introducing different types of music presented by Bob Phillips
  • 55:00 Culturally Responsive Music Programs presented by Allyssa Jones
  • 1:05:00 How to Aquire Funding  presented by Mary Jo Papich
  • 1:09:30-End  Q&A